oli+frank with love from Cape Town

oli+frank is about a boy called oli + a girl called frank….

(How she became frank is a looonnnng story). Oli likes things with engines + wheels, but also loves cuddling bunnies + dreams of having a farm. Frank loves dogs, horses + riding scooters, but also loves dressing up. So there’s a little bit of pink, some more of blue + a LOT of bunnies.

Like many things sunny + fun oli+frank are Cape Town made + Cape Town bred . Of course all oli+frank cushions and purses are cotton and wallpaper is printed with eco-solvent and latex inks to make them environmentally friendly (their mom said they have to!)
Oli is always dirty, but frank is happy to be clean, however all oli+frank products can be washed. (except the cards of course!)

From vespas and cars to hula hoop girls and farms, the things they like can be things that you like, on cushions and cards, wallpaper and purses. The more that they grow the more that they’ll make, so share with your aunty, your granny or dad, your girlfriend, your best friend the whole of the world

 (If you want to but with foreign currency and use paypal please go to hello pretty. No monopoly money accepted at this stage I’m afraid

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