oli+frank Products are aimed at the next generation, but we are also concerned about the present, therefore we are working towards manufacturing processes and materials that have less impact on the environment.

Paper– we are use as much recycled paper/card as possible. All oli+frank paper products are also be printed by a carbon neutral printer. Our notebooks and art prints are some of these products.

Fabric– fabric products are printed onto 100% unbleached canvas. We avoid artificial fabrics as much as possible as there are hidden plastics in many artificial materials.

Plastic– At this point no biodegradable sleeves are available for crafts, which means that our cards still have a plastic sleeve. This is unfortunately unavoidable to prevent damage to stock and wastage. We do not use plastic where alternatives exist and our price tags are plastic free. All online orders will be plastic free. 

Website– oli+frank is hosted by a carbon neutral service provider. To find out more click here http://www.kalkbay.co.za.

As we say in South Africa: Local is Lekker. There is more to this as manufacturing locally means a reduced carbon footprint.

We welcome any suggestions as to how to make our brand as earth friendly as possible.